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Teeth Whitening for Free

HOW THE PROGRAM WORKS for You as a Patient

Teeth Whitening for Free is a dentist provided program that helps you have a brighter, whiter smile for free! Our dentists have full control of whitening products offered to patients and realize that a brighter smile will benefit their patients in many ways! member dentists are concerned about not only your dental health needs, but enhancing your smile overall. Did you know that enhancing cosmetic dental procedures, like teeth whitening, can make some individuals look 10 years younger?

Schedule an appointment now for a cleaning and a checkup with a participating dentist and if you are a teeth whitening candidate, based on your dental health status, receive the dentist's approved complimentary teeth whitening during your visit. It's that easy!

Call the dentist in your area today and ask about the specific whitening program their office offers! Many of our member dentists also offer other cosmetic dental procedures you may be looking for.

Enter a zip code on the home page to find the dentist in your area. If there is no participating dentist in your area yet, ask your dentist to contact us before your visit and/or provide your dentist's name and information on our home page.